Autumn is here…and so is the extra fur.

Deshedding Double Coat Dogs – Pet Tips from DogDayz Grooming

dog grooming in worcester
Before de-shedding

Do you have a double coated dog? You know, the kind of dog that seems to lose more coat than any dog has a right to? Well, most double coated dogs shed their coat twice a year and this time is coming upon us once again. The best way to combat this phenomenon, is to get a really good grooming to coax all that extra fur out of it’s comfy place in your dog’s coat. The tools your groomer uses not only do a wonderful job of

dogdayz dog grooming in worcester ma
Clogged Coat

getting all the dead coat out, but also stimulate the skin to grow healthy coat for the winter. It is essential to remove dead coat before the winter hits, since any left over dead coat will actually make it more difficult for your dog to keep itself warm in the winter months.

A dog keeps itself warm or cool by regulating the layer of air that sits between the skin and the coat. If the dead fur remains on a dog, it clogs that layer of air and prevents the dog from properly warming or cooling itself, thereby reducing it’s ability to keep warm in the winter. So, if the fur is not removed, the dog will actually be colder in the winter than it needs to be.

dogdayz dog grooming in worcester ma
De-shedded Coat

Also, along that same train of thought, dogs that don’t have double coats but have a hair coat, need even more attention than their double coated cousins. Hair breeds like Poodles, Bichons and Yorkies need constant brushing and regular grooming during the entire year, especially in the winter. These type of dogs don’t shed like a double coated dog. Instead, the hair that they shed gets caught up in the healthy hair and tangles up, causing matting of the coat. When this happens, the mats pull on the skin and can cause a sore under the mat. It also traps moisture, keeping the dog’s skin constantly damp. And we all know how uncomfortable it is to go outside in the winter with damp hair. It’s just really hard to stay warm. The same thing holds true for dogs.

So to keep your furry friend comfortable all season long, make an appointment to not only make him beautiful, but to keep him healthy at the same time. He’ll thank you for it with lots of extra kisses!


dogdayz dog grooming in worcester ma
Raffy feeling better after de-shedding
dogdayz dog grooming in worcester ma
Raffy with a pile of dead coat that has been removed.

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