Spring has Sprung!

Well, believe it or not, Spring has sprung. It has been a long snowy winter and everyone is eager to get outdoors.  Even the animals are getting active already.  If you haven’t noticed yet, you soon will, that the skunks are now active. So in the spirit of pet safety, here are a few facts for you. And remember, we are well equipped to remove skunk odor from your furry friend. Happy Spring!

A long, snowy winter usually means that we have been hermits for months and our dogs have not had much exercise. I know my pooch spent most of the winter curled up on the couch. As such, getting out and walking feels so great! However, keep in mind that if your dog has been a couch potato, too much exercise all at once will cause muscle aches for them, just as it does for us. Start out slow and ease your way into your normal walking routine.

While you are out shedding the winter weight, keep an eye out for the critters coming out of hibernation, mainly skunks. They are already out and we have been fielding phone calls for a couple of weeks now for dogs that need to be de-skunked.

Skunks start hunting for food just after dusk, so if you are an evening walker, avoid letting your dog wander to the end of the leash. Keeping your pet close and out of bushes and fence lines will potentially avoid an encounter with any foraging skunks. All it takes for your dog to get sprayed is to sniff a bush with a skunk hiding inside.  Generally, if a wild animal is hiding on your walk route, your dog will know long before you do. A lot of dogs will rush a bush or fence that contains any animal, wild or not.

If you do encounter a skunk and your dog needs attention, we can take care of that. Whether it’s a full skunk bath or a home treatment, we have the product you need. While we can only give a bath during operating hours, we do have a product that you can keep at home for night time skunking. Our thought process is this: if you have a skunk odor remover handy, you probably won’t ever need it, but if you don’t, you will need it in the wee hours of the night.

So, in closing, enjoy the Spring weather, and call us if you need us!

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