In Home Puppy Training in Spencer, MA

Pawfect Puppy Training offers in home puppy training in Spencer, MA.

Proper puppy training is happens in the home. That’s why in home puppy training in Spencer, MA, in your very own home. Pawfect Puppy Training will work with you, the pet owner, as a partner to train your puppy, using a compassionate, rewards based regimen that has been proven over many years to provide excellent results.

We do not believe in shock collars and other negative reinforcement.

We are firm believers in the “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive” (LIMA) method.

The LIMA dog training approach will look at all possible methods of achieving a training behavior and select the least intrusive, minimally aversive one first. In other words, LIMA favors having your dog work for something positive rather than work to avoid something negative or unpleasant.

LIMA encourages positive reinforcement and avoids “punishment” methods of training (choke chains, e-collars etc.). Under this approach, you can achieve desired behaviors without risking any negative effects like fear, aggression, or physical injury. Find out more about our techniques here.

Let us give a consultation in your Spencer, MA home and we’ll explain why In Home Puppy Training in Spencer, MA can make your dog “Pawfect”.

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